Trumpington Park + Ride energy project consultation ongoing

Trumpington Park & Ride Energy Project - consultation ongoing

Thanks to everyone that took time to talk to the team about our plans to develop a clean energy project at the Trumpington P+R. 


The project will likely consist of solar generation on carports mounted over the car parking, battery storage backup and additional electric vehicle charging.  Electricity generated will be used to offset electricity use on site, and excess will be sold to local customers to create a revenue stream for vital Council services.  A similar model is being developed at the St Ives Park + Ride.  Below is an artistic impression of the project – the curved structures are the solar modules. 

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with a few concerns expressed over the impact on CCTV camera locations and availability of parking spaces in an already busy car park. CCTV camera waill need to be relocated to maintain security on-site and is accounted for in our plans. In terms of parking spaces, while there will be some unavoidable disruption during construction, once inplace there will be little impact on the overal number of spaces.

The next step of the project will be the development of a business case which will inform whether to move foward and develop the project further. If we move foward, future work will include attaining planning permission; a grid connection; negotiating with potential customers; and refinement of the business case.

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