Schools Retrofit - sharing the success

Published: Thursday, 14th April 2016

Are you interested in the Cambridgeshire Retrofit programme? What do schools that have already been through the Cambridgeshire Schools Retrofit scheme say about it?

The County Council Energy Team were helpful and supportive, and Bouygues were very professional with excellent technical advice.  The staged evaluation and development of the business case adopted helped us gradually build confidence in the Team and the proposed scheme. 

It was a big investment and it has taken a while, but now that works are almost complete we have asked ourselves, 'is the investment meeting our needs?' and 'was it worthwhile?'  The answer is a definitive 'yes!

John King, Governor, Sir Harry Smith School, Whittlesey

The retrofit process has gone very smoothly.  The only hitches were some slight delays in works but that's it really.  Our school is brighter, greener, warmer and we have seen significant savings in our bills already in the 6 months since works were complete.

Guy Fairbairn, Chair of Governors, Great Paxton C of E Primary School

Now we have control of our utility costs which is light years ahead of what we had before and means more of our budget can be spent on the children's learning.  Plus we have a better, more comfortable learning environment.

Michael Staplehurst, Governor, Milton C of E Primary School 

As a small village college we have an important role in the community.  [Through this energy project] we are setting an example of what public institutions can do to minimise their climate impacts and operate efficiently, make renewable energy normal for our students, and leave a long-lasting and positive legacy for local people.

Rebecca Walsh, Director of Operations, Cottenham Village College