Mini Smart Energy Grid project in Cambridgeshire

Published: Monday, 28th November 2016

Cambridgeshire County Council is planning to build a 1MW mini smart energy grid project at the St. Ives Park and Ride site.

Cambridgeshire County Council, in partnership with Bouygues Energies and Services, have just signed a contract to build a 1MW solar-powered mini smart energy grid at the St Ives Park and Ride.  A smart grid combines electricity generation, battery storage and smart control strategies to manage supply and demand dynamically.  If the County is successful in securing European Regional Development Fund grant money, the project will generate zero carbon electricity to supply the site needs, additional electric vehicle charging units and supply a local commercial customer.  Solar panels will be installed on canopy structures above the existing parking structures, without obstructing parking, while providing shelter for cars and users. It will be the largest smart energy grid built to date in the country and would be sited at the entrance to the largest guided busway in the country. Construction is projected to begin in late 2017.

Come visit members of the Energy Investment team at the Park and Ride from 7:30am Monday 12 December and Friday 16 December to express your views and concerns.  Following the morning commutes on those days, we'll move over to the market to talk to residents. Hope to see you there!