Cambridgeshire County Council Hosts Smart Energy Grid Seminar


The UK’s Industrial Strategy released last year set out 4 Grand Challenges, one is how to maximise the advantage for the UK from the global shift to clean growth.  The Strategy states that “the move to cleaner economic growth – through low carbon technologies and the efficient use of resources – is one of the greatest industrial opportunities of our time.” 

We’re in the midst of a revolution in the energy sector, with increasing amounts of renewable energy being put onto a grid not designed for two-way flow of energy.  To take advantage of the revolution, and to facilitate sustainable growth and a modern energy system, smart management of energy supply and demand is important for us all.  The County Council is on the forefront with the development of smart energy grids which respond to these challenges by integrating solar generation with battery storage and intelligent controls.  These smart energy grids also support the Industrial Strategies’ goal of expanding the electrification of transport as they are sited at important transport hubs.   

We’re experiencing strong growth in housing and employment in Cambridgeshire which also places additional demand on existing infrastructure.  As local leaders, what can we do to support the expansion of renewable energy supply and a modern energy system. How can we take advantage of emerging energy markets?  What does the future look like for our energy system and why is it important to Councillors?

In September 2018, senior officials and Councillors from across the county learned from experts from UK Power Networks, Origami Energy, Bouygues Energies & Services, County and City Council on solutions that spark growth, support vital infrastructure and develop important revenue streams. 

The presentations can be downloaded below:

Strategic Overview

Sheryl French, Director of Cambridgeshire County Council's Energy Investment Unit

Size: 1.40 MB File format: pdf

Smart Energy Grid: A Network Perspective (UK Power Networks)

Dr Giulia Privitera, Low Carbon Technologies Delivery Manager, UK Power Networks

Size: 2.24 MB File format: pdf

A Network of Smart Energy Grids for Cambridgeshire

Cherie Gregoire, Cambridgeshire County Council & Miles Messenger, Bouygues E&S UK

Size: 2.65 MB File format: pdf

Managing Network Challenges

Alex Howard, Head of Strategy & Product, Origami Energy

Size: 998.44 KB File format: pdf

How can local authorities support smart energy grids?

Emma Davies, Greater Cambridge Planning Service & Sheryl French, Cambridgeshire County Council

Size: 1.60 MB File format: pdf