Schools' Programme

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC),  has used the National Re:fit Programme to make guaranteed energy-efficiency savings and improve the condition of its schools across the county. 

The Council has secured £20 million of investment for energy-saving retrofits and renewable energy to schools, council land and buildings. The improvements will pay for themselves through the energy savings made and sets out to lead by example to increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and help manage operating costs.

The total energy (electricity and gas) spend for 240 CCC schools in 2012/13 was £6,132,356. 

The Council’s Re:fit schools programme  has been particularly successful. CCC supports the schools energy programme through providing loans or managed service arrangements to pay for the energy saving measures. CCC is able to draw down public sector capital from our Local Energy Investment Fund to pay for the works up front. The aim is to help schools plan for the future and manage their energy bills, as well as operate more efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions.

Solar PV installation at Bassingbourn Village College
Solar PV installation at Bassingbourn Village College

Currently, over 57 schools are signed up to the programme. All have now either completed their installation and are reaping the benefits of reduced energy costs, or are due to complete  in 2020.  


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