Case Study: Milton C of E Primary School

Milton C of E Primary School

Milton C of E Primary School was one of the first schools to participate in the programme and benefit from guaranteed energy savings. Following receipt of an Investment Grade Proposal (IGP), detailing potential measures and savings, a number of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) were installed across its three buildings in summer 2015.

One year after completion, the school has exceeded thier performance guarantee, saving £16,000 on their energy bills.


Milton C of E Primary School – three buildings


£11,000 energy spend reduction per annum

26% savings on energy cost per annum

45 tonnes of CO2 per annum saved




Simple payback of 15 years


Installation completed in summer 2015

Local Partnerships’ team assisted throughout the process and completed an analysis of Milton’s IGP to help gain approval to install the selected measures.

The school's solar PV array on the south-facing roof.

"This programme not only allows for the replacement of major items, but also creates a learning and working environment that is superb and energy efficient. The savings general will be used to ensure that Milton C of E Primary School continues to deliver the highest standard of education that the pupils deserve.”

David Lee, Chair of Governors, Milton C of E Primary School

Summary of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)

Solar PV Array:  Installed 30kW CIGS Solar PV Array with Export Limitation on the large south-facing roof, which will generate an annual financial benefit of £4,689, saving 8.4 tonnes of carbon a year.

Lighting Upgrade: An LED upgrade across the three buildings will yield aroung £1,400 in savings every year. It will also provide 6.4 tonnes of carbon savings.

Building Automation: Controllin gexisting plant via Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and programmable thermostats will save the school in excess of £1,650 per year and aroun 9 tonnes of carbon.

Loft insulation: Improving loft insulatino to current building standards will save a total of 2.7 tonnes of carbon and will free up more than £430 per annum in terms of saved heating cost.

Condensing Boilers: After careful consideration, it was agreed that all boiler plants would be replaced with modern condensing boilers, which will save more than 15 tonnes of carbon and more than £2,430 in heating costs.

Zoning: Zoning in different areas of the school will provide better heating control. This will enable the shool to save an extra £190 in heating costs and contribute just over a tonne of carbon savings.

Insulation of heating components: By insulating the heating plant, the school will be saving in excess of £300 annually, which translates into approximatly a further two tones of carbon savings per annum.


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Energy efficiency and financial savings through Re:fit

Re:fit is a procurement framework and support service available to all public sector organisations in the UK. Since 2009 it has been helping organisations to deliver “spend-to-save” environmental retrofit projects that both improve their buildings and, importantly, make substantial guaranteed financial savings.

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