Babraham Park & Ride Smart Energy Grid

Babraham Park & Ride: Solar and Storage 

In partnership with Bouygues Energies & Services, Cambridgeshire County Council’s Mobilising Local Energy Investment Unit is developing a highly innovative solar generation project for a park and ride site that includes the use of battery storage and off-grid energy sales to a local customer. This demonstrator will provide an income stream, expand local renewable energy generation, and provide additional charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) powered directly by renewable energy. This and other projects in development aim to overhaul Cambridgeshire’s energy landscape.

Artistic impression of Babraham P&R project
Artistic impression of Babraham P&R project

The Smart Energy Grid Project aims to generate 2.5MW of clean electricity and feed it into on-site battery storage. This will enable the export of energy directly to a local business through a power purchase agreement, while excess electricity will be used to enable the park and ride site to provide energy for all on-site needs, such as lighting, CCTV cameras and EV charging.

The business case is based on selling energy to electric vehicle owners and local customers; reducing on-site operating costs and providing grid services via a second larger battery. The Re:fit 3 Framework* is being used to provide guaranteed performance and significantly reduce the financial and performance risk to the Council. Under that framework, the Council is working with design and build contractor Bouygues Energies & Services.

the concept

This project could pave the way for public transport to move away from fossil fuels, a known contributor to poor air quality, through providing a location to charge electric busses in the future.  

The Council will be submitting a planning application in early 2020 and we have conducted public outreach sessions in January and November.  The same team has been designing a similar project for the St Ives Park & Ride, on the northern end of the Guided Busway.  These projects form part of a larger vision of smart energy grids around Cambridge’s transport network. 

Once the project is approved and construction gets underway, work will be conducted in stages to keep as much of the car park open as possible.  Once complete, there will be no loss of car parking spaces.

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