Legacy Projects: MLEI

About MLEI

The Mobilising Local Energy Investment for Cambridgeshire project was coordinated by Cambridgeshire County Council, working with the following partners:

We were fortunate to have a Technical Assistance grant from the European Commission's Intelligent Energy Europe programme.  The grant made it possible to employ dedicated staff, secure addtional expert consultancy support and navigate the technical, procurement and legal requirements. 

For more information about the project objectives please download one of our briefings.

MLEI Cambridgeshire - in a nutshell

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Coordinating MLEI Cambridgeshire

Important information about the management of the 3 year grant funded MLEI Cambridgeshire Project is available in the following downloads:

Grant agreement (PDF)

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Communications Strategy (PDF)

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Risk register (XLS)

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Case Study of MLEI

Climate Alliance coordinates CITYnvest, a new Horizon 2020 project, which aims at building capacities in local and regional authorities for innovative financing models for energy efficiency in buildings. Energinvest, a partner in the consortium, analysed Cambridgeshire's MLEI as part of the European state of the art study on innovative models for realizing and financing energy efficiency project.  The study focused on the business, financial and operational aspects of the organizational model, within the context of our stakeholders, suppliers, customers and financiers.