Stanground Closed Landfill

Stanground Closed Landfill: Solar Farm and Battery Energy Storage

The old Landfill site at Stanground, to the south of Peterborough, was formally closed in 1992 and remained in Cambridgeshire County Council’s ownership as an ongoing waste management liability.

The Council is now working with Bouygues Energies & Services UK Ltd – the Council’s energy delivery partner – to design and build a Solar Farm with Battery Energy Storage to make better use of the land. The site is located between the A1139 Fletton Parkway, Stanham Way and the A605.

Proposed location
Project Location

The site has undergone screening for its potential to host clean energy projects, and it is well placed in terms of topography, access to the electricity distribution grid and proximity to potential customers for electricity.

The development of the landfill site into an active energy generation centre would be the first project of its kind in the East of England, and it’s possible that the project has the potential to be replicated on other closed landfill sites in the county.

 The aim is to create a 2.7 MW solar farm, plus battery energy storage system, covering an area of around 8 hectares (red area on the plan). The solar farm would generate enough electricity to meet the demand of over 700 homes per year.

Proposed site layout
Proposed site layout

Electricity would be used to charge a battery energy storage system on site and then supply energy into the electricity grid and/or supply to large local businesses based on demand. It is estimated that the solar farm would save around 6,500 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime.

Sales of electricity and provision of services to the grid would generate revenue for Cambridgeshire County Council to support the continued delivery of frontline services.

You can learn more about the Stanground project by attending one of our online events. You can also let us know your views on the project via the survey by clicking on the button  below. 

Location: Stanground Closed Landfill Site

Size: 8 hectares

Project: 2.7MW Solar Farm plus battery energy storage 

Timescales: Planning Applications to be submitted Summer 2020