How are the retrofits delivered?

How are the retrofits delivered?

The MLEI Cambridgeshire Energy Performance Retrofit programme is of particular benefit to local schools. Where previously only ad hoc improvements have been possible, the Energy Performance Model and finance arrangements allow a holistic approach looking at energy saving and energy generation opportunities across a whole school site, over an extended period of time.

Measures will be paid for via a loan from the County Council, or other finance source, or as part of a service agreement with the school. This is paid back over approximately 10-15 years from the savings in energy bills, and revenue from government incentives to generate renewable energy onsite. The energy performance over this period is guaranteed by Bouygues E&S through the Energy Performance Contract, and so any risk to the school is reduced.

Support is available via Cambridgeshire County Council staff to help schools understand the process and financing arrangements.

Bouygues will then undertake an assessment, including a site survey and data analysis. Based on this a series of proposals will be made available and the school will be asked to decide whether or not they wish to proceed to Phase 1 Contract.

Overview of the Retrofit Process

At Phase 1 a very detailed site based assessment is completed and an ‘Investment Grade Proposal’ produced. Based on the outcome, schools can then decide to proceed to Phase 2, ‘scheduling of retrofit works’ and any finance agreements settled. On completion of works, there then follows an ongoing process of monitoring and verification over the period of the contract.

More than half of the 250 schools in the County have expressed an interest; both academies and maintained, primary, secondary and special schools. A wide range of energy saving and renewable measures are being proposed, with payback periods up to 15 years and energy savings being identified between 15-20% and higher where possible. We expect more schools to follow.

For more details, download this briefing for schools or contact Emily Bolton (Energy Projects Officer) at