Cambridgeshire County Council's Buildings Programme


Cambridgeshire County Council sets out to lead by example by adopting the Re:fit framework to increase energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and improve the condition of its buildings. 

The estimated potential of this scheme is to deliver 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 savings over the lifetime of the project. Cambridgeshire County Council’s Re:fit project is available to schools and public sector buildings across the county.

Retrofits have been carried out on 8 council buildings: Shire Hall, Amundsen House, Awdry House, Speke House, Scott House, March Library,  Huntingdon Library and Trumpington P&R.  These have a combined saving guarantee of £52,173 per annum.

Shire Hall - West Roof solar PV array
Shire Hall - West Roof solar PV array