Cambridgshire's Energy Investment Unit is made up of three strands:

  1. Schools' Programme - Retrofitting energy conservation measures (ECMs) into schools accross the county to create guaranteed energy and financial savings for the schools. To date over 40 schools have completed, or are in the process of, recieving their retrofit.
  2. County Council Buildings' Programme - Retrofitting energy conservation measures into county council owned or run buildings. To date, seven council office buildings have been completed, while the second wave will be focusing on the county's libraries.
  3. Renewable Energy & Storage - Large scale projects to green Cambridgeshire's infrastructure but utilising cutting edge renewable energy innovations, such as Smart Energy Grids and Electric Vehicle infrastructure.

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Total PV Generation = 1,016,847 kWh

This is enough electricity to make:

50,842,373 cups of tea