Climate Change and Environment

Climate Change FAQS

Causes, Impacts and Action

Explore the links below provided by the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment at Imperial College London.

These are produced in collaboration with their sister institute at Grantham LSE (London School of Economics), bringing together expert knowledge on climate science, economics and politics to answer commonly asked questions on the causes and impacts of – and solutions to – climate change.

How do we know climate change is happening?

Humans are changing the planet's climate and causing the global average temperature to rise. How to scientists know this is happening and what exactly causes it?

Melting ice

What are the impacts of Climate Change?

How is the climate changes, and what does this mean for humans, plants and natural ecosystems?

Man in front of flooded home

How and when do we need to act on climate change?

Why is it urgent to act on climate change now? What is a 'net-zero' emissions target?

Fire fighters battling a bush fire

What are the world's countries doing about climate change?

 The world's countries have all signed up to the Paris Agreement. But what does this actually mean, and are we on track to meet its goals?

Large scale solar panel cleaning

How will acting on climate change affect the economy?

Climate action is an opportunity to create a new, green economy. What economic benefits and costs does it bring?

Offshore wind farm

How can acting to halt climate change be made 'fair'?

Does tackling climate change stop countries developing? What is a 'just transition'? Why do people talk about an 'ethical obligation' to act on climate change?

Watering plants