About the Energy Investment Unit

The Energy Investment Unit (EIU) developed out of an EU grant project "Mobilising Local Energy Investment (MLEI) for Cambridgeshire". We are a small, predominantly self-funded team who develop and implement low carbon energy projects on public sector assets across Cambridgeshire.

Our projects all follow the Energy Performance Contract framework, which guarantees financial savings and carbon dioxide reductions for the sites being developed.

Our projects follow three main themes:

  1. Schools Programme - Facilitating the retrofit of energy conservation measures, such as solar pannels and biomass boilers, into schools across the county. Not only do these measures save schools money, but also lead to improved learning environments for students.
  2. County Council Buildings Programme - Leading by example, this programme aims to improve the energy efficiency of County Council properties to reduce the Council's impact on the environment and reduce operational costs.
  3. Renewable Energy & Storage - These innovative projects aim to improve the overall landscape of Cambridgshire energy provision. They pave the way for a move away from fossil fuel reliance, improving the resiliance of County energy for the future while creating a cleaner and greener present.

For more information about these projects please look on their pages on this site.